With 2019 just around the corner many people throughout the world will be thinking about a New Years Resolution, ranging from career advice, dieting support to kicking bad habits.

What is a year news resolution? It’s a firm decision made on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to do or refrain from doing something over the course of the coming year.

You may well be asking yourself “where on earth has 2018 disappeared to?” and you will no doubt be saying the same come this time next year. Think back to 12 months ago, have you achieved everything that you set out to achieve? Did you reach your career goals in 2018? If not, why not? Did you come out the blocks in 2018 full steam ahead which faded away mid-January? Was your New Year’s resolution achievable?

Achieving goals takes extreme dedication and commitment along with focus, I hope the people reading this is now will start to think “right, I am ready for a change, I want to achieve big in 2019 but where I do, I start?”

Start here!

Get a pen and pad and right down what you want to achieve. Ask yourself “is this realistic?” and then get to work on how you wish to achieve it. Being successful comes with many benefits but also comes with many complications and in order to be successful you have sacrifice many things.

Let’s go back to myself and IRC 5 months ago, I wanted to build a financial services recruitment firm, I wanted to work for myself again but more importantly I wanted to help people, including clients, find the right calibre of candidates. I wanted to advise on hiring costs and on-boarding advice, so I set out my goals and here we are 5 months on. We have brilliant clients who have supported IRC’s journey, we have reliable candidates who always come to us, it has been more than I could have imagined. I wanted to build a firm that goes that extra mile especially with candidate market. I want candidates to be aware that we are specialists and that we can support them every step of the way, this can range from interview advice to how to overcome a counter-offers or even things like, “I need a new CV where do I start?” We are a service offering firm that will help no matter what, we are also very vocal, we do not appreciate time wasters.

In 2018 I set out a clear goal and achieved it, so start building your 2019 today.

Here at IRC we are already set for a very successful 2019 which is all about helping people and giving the best advice and honest feedback on everything recruitment related. We will support new and existing talent wishing to move from their current posts into something completely new. IRC operates as a unique search firm, this works for both clients but more importantly candidates. We will take a brief from a candidate and go out to market, we tend to work on an exclusivity basis which gives the candidate reassurance that we will come back with various options fitting their own personal criteria, to put it really simply it is very much like having your own agent working on your behalf so candidates can have peace of mind that whilst you are working in your day jobs we are working on opening fresh doors ahead.

If you practice as a Financial Planner or Paraplanner and wish to look for a new, fresh and exciting challenge why not register with IRC today, visit our website by clicking here and fill out the contact form.

I look forward to being supporting many professionals throughout 2019 and building even further relationships.


-Managing Director – Lewis Greene