What do you think makes a lasting impression on a new candidate? I’d love to hear your views. Let’s get typing together.!

For me, the orientation day has long since gone sour. And those hefty welcome packs – I think we all know they go straight into the recycle bin. Onboarding is so much more than a handshake and an office tour. It’s the spark that ignites a bright new beginning and a bridge between the recruited and the retained.

Here’s a little taster of how we do things differently at IRC:


Engage with your new employee before their first day by sending an email. A message with a few encouraging words has the power to excite, break the ice and quell any pre-work nerves. It’s also a nice idea to take care of the little things before your new employee starts – email, desk, phone line, business cards, name tags, payroll – it shows you’re an employer who genuinely cares.


Go the extra mile and it will pay for itself. Order a team breakfast. Send a card. And who doesn’t love balloons?! A little extra effort creates a great first-day impression and will ultimately help you to forge a lasting relationship with your employees.


Save the planet and opt for an intranet welcome instead of the traditional paper-filled pack which we all know is on a one-way journey to land-fill. Make it a fun, interactive and informative welcome and it will ultimately serve your company as a great employee resource.

Set goals

We all need direction. Find out about your employee’s personal and professional aims. It’s a great way to set targets and achieve goals.

Be bold

Ask your people for feedback. Ultimately their opinions can help you to measure the success of your onboarding process and shape your future business.

Be thoughtful

Last but certainly not least, be the company that genuinely cares. A humble tete-a-tete over a coffee can help you to determine how happy your employee is, and how you can manage better.

I hope this has given you a little food for thought. As testament to our onboarding process here at IRC, I just want to finish with the words of one of our Dubai clients – thank you Saj:

“Lewis, thanks for the tools. Pleased to tell you the business is cloud surfing already and we’re only six months in. Of the 4 candidates we took on, 4 retained and very happy. Will be recommending your services for sure.”  IFA Practice – United Arab Emirates

If you require support with your onboarding process please contact IRC today and we can help shape a new onboarding procedure.