Good morning Everyone, I want to thank you all for taking time to read my opening IRC update this morning.

Together, let’s embrace change and make the financial services recruitment arena a better place. Shaping the Future Together with hard work.

I’ve been looking forward to this moment for quite a while believe me!

Today, with a huge amount of pride (and a lump in my throat if I’m honest), I would like to formally announce the launch of IRC (Independent Resourcing Consultancy). Click here.

I was sat outside a café in London town with my wife Alice and two of our great friends and former colleagues. In the company of these three – my most trusted – I shared my idea for IRC. And it is with their encouragement that I decided to follow my heart in pursuit of an idea that I have a feeling will help change the financial services recruitment industry for the better.

IRC stands for Independent Resourcing Consultancy. And it also stands for a whole lot more…

IRC stands for collaboration. In addition to the typical candidate profiling and job listing, IRC links to an International social media platform which invites qualified professional candidates to share their profiles on a global stage to enhance their social presence.

And – my favourite part – IRC welcomes both clients and candidates operating in financial services to browse and hire via our social platform. It’s this aspect of freedom of choice – of offering a truly no-obligation and fully bespoke service, which I am immensely proud.

The social platform that I keep mentioning will launch imminently. This platform will act a bit like Linkedin, but will be dedicated to the financial services industry. As well as welcoming recruiters, advisories, candidates and advice seekers, there will be a timeline to share news and views, in addition to the your typical ‘portal aspects’ such as profile page and private messaging.

So why am I doing this now?

Having dedicated the best part of the last 20 years to the recruitment industry, I’m a staunch advocate for absolute transparency and at the heart of IRC is a strong ethos to be a global leading ethical firm. I have learnt so much and want to share all my knowledge with all new hires into IRC in the coming 12 months. Would you like to become part of the IRC family and journey? Click here 

I’m in this game to make a difference. I want to give people access to the best and most trusted hiring firm that will be expanding in multi jurisdictions and different sectors within the next 6 months – to help them lead brighter career choices.

I want to help good and honest candidates and clients to realise their ambitions. And as a highly experienced recruiter, I want to do my bit to support my local economies – in the UK, MENA and Asia.

If you believe in better, click here, to get in touch with IRC.

I look forward to working with many of you in my network over the coming years.

Best regards,