Using the services of IRC gives you a head start. Our clients recognise our reputation for consistent delivery. If you give us the right information about yourself, we will make sure you get put forward for the right jobs. However, it’s not all up to us!

Make sure you know about the company who have offered the interview. Look at their website – use a search engine to find news stories about them and look in the trade press. To demonstrate that you have something to offer them you need to know the type of company they are, what they do and what they need.

Make sure you know the time, the place and have directions for the interview.

Ask in advance if you are going to be interviewed by an individual or by a panel. Will you be expected to undertake any competency or psychometric testing?

Interviewers are looking to discover your experience. Think through some of the questions that often come up so you know how to respond. What has been your greatest personal achievement to date? What was the most difficult situation you faced and how did you overcome it? Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Prepare your own questions for the end of the interview to show enthusiasm and interest. Ask about training, career opportunities, targets and what will happen next in the recruitment process.

Establish a positive impression immediately. Arrive on time, dress smartly and shake hands confidently. Keep eye contact with your interviewer or interviewers and don’t fold your arms defensively across your body.

Remember if you are being interviewed for a client-facing position your interviewer will be assessing how you can build a working relationship with new clients. The interviewer counts as much as a new client. Make them feel comfortable and confident in your presence. If you are nervous counteract your nerves with deep calming breathing. Take time before answering questions – it gives you time to think and makes your answers more considered.

Don’t be arrogant but be self-assured about your successes to date and future ambitions.
Don’t ramble! Answer the question and offer examples. Whatever you do – don’t tell untruths. Be positive about why you want to move – stress the appeal of the company interviewing you rather than denigrating a current employer.

This is your chance to show how good you are and offer examples of why you would be ideal for their company. Show you have drive and ambition and be realistic about both future promotion prospects and the salary you expect.