IRC Update

We really do hope you and your families are keeping well. Whilst we all try and navigate through the Coronavirus pandemic, I have taken a real look at what the business community is saying and doing when it comes to helping people.

There is no question that a lot of employers, companies and self-employed workers will be feeling the strain in the coming weeks as we all come together and come to terms of the impact of the Coronavirus.

I have decided that to really support people and companies IRC will be offering free recruitment support for the Banks and lending specialists in order to cope with increasing volumes of funding along with specialist personnel such as telephony based advisers, underwriters and temporary support staff whilst supporting companies through the next 3 months.

I have taken this step to really show the support from everyone within IRC and I believe with all our experience, knowledge and passion that this solution will be welcomed with open arms. I am a firm believer in helping people in crisis so I am positive about helping firms which in turn will help the many of thousands of people who have already lost their jobs.

For more information around this initiative please get in touch +44(0)207 692 5668, terms and conditions do apply.