Hello All,

It’s that time again where I put pen to paper and give you some insight into my thoughts about various topics, a question I got asked a few weeks ago, “Lewis, what does it take to be a successful recruitment consultant? It must be easy for you right?” Don’t you love that saying!

I want to share with you some of the traits in which I believe you need in order to be highly successful, not just in recruitment but in an array of positions.

Let’s start with FOCUS, you must be incredibly focused, you almost have to think I am the only person providing recruitment solutions or what it is you actually do and remember to maintain this attitude, believe me I still think like this today.

POSITIVITY, always remain positive no matter what, easier said than done, RIGHT? Especially when so many elements can fall away which are out of your control but if the correct communication has been carried out from the beginning you can eliminate a fair few of these, not all mind you. I do find you waste valuable head space the more you stew on certain miss fortunes. Keep positive, do not stew on these knocks, there are so many people who require our help and it is our job to support them.

HONESTY, this is very important with regards to my industry, you may be working with a candidate who perhaps has ideas a little above his/her station in terms of position or remuneration, be quick to give open and honest advice, this will save you both time. You may well be working with a client looking for that needle that does not exist in the largest hay field that there ever has been, offer clear honest advice i.e. have you thought about someone slightly different? Always be thinking and providing solutions, it is your expertise that will shine through here and they will thank you for it.

NEVER EVER GIVE UP, this one I know very well, when you think everything is going against you, offers not coming to fruition or candidates going to the black hole always remember why you wanted to try your hand at recruitment. We shape and help futures, this goes hand in hand with both clients and candidates, we provide so much value and when everything is going right it is the most satisfying job you can do, like my father once said, “Lewis, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”

My closing statement is if you want to try your hand at recruitment my company IRC has openings nationwide, please send us your CV and details to aknights@ircfs.com