Employee engagement is making sure you have every team member engaged in your company vision and strategy whilst keeping the lines of communication clear. It is understanding everyone’s goals and helping them to achieve whatever targets have been set.

It is about creating an enjoyable work force; fun and positive but at the same time focused, sharing ideas and building success together as a company. If you have a fun and trusted team underneath you, you can achieve almighty success TOGETHER! Being respected is KEY!


In my opinion employee engagement is built on trust and giving very clear signals in terms of strategy and following through with key ideas, listening and understanding your employees is also a vital part. I spent many years working within firms and it can be very much one-way traffic. Management sometimes think because “their way” has been working for many years “why break what works?” however businesses are evolving every day. My firm needed to change which took me a while to see and it was a challenge however when you accept your key figure heads are not happy, you must adapt, listen and action.


Employees are what really make a business and keeping them on the mission boat, as I like to call it, will keep them engaged and less likely to look for a new role which can spike up costs as a business having to re-hire. When in the Middle East I would often find that just taking 10 minutes out of my day to sit and listen to my team would prove to be very valuable in months to come as if I then need certain key members to go the extra mile, i.e. work late for an event, they would because they in turn were helping me just like I helped them.


In order to get excellent engagement from your team you will need to remove the negativity from your work force. You will often find negativity is caused by dissatisfaction with yourself and you therefore find other reasons to be frustrated creating workplace negativity. You will find that many senior leaders have been let down previously often creating negativity due to mistrust. You need a strong management team that provides exceptional leadership which must come with positivity, focusing on the present and future rather than past events. People who know me well will be fully aware that I will find a positive in every bad situation, nothing is ever easy but being positive can be.

What employee engagement is not

If you are trying to achieve employee engagement here a couple of things you really need to avoid otherwise false efforts will be noticed:

  1. Using employee emotions to get what you want, this is a big no no, this will be seen in time and the break of trust will create a disillusioned work force and then the root begins.
  2. Always deliver or keep employees up to date on strategies, it is always best to be open and honest, employees want to know what is going on.

Having exceptional employee engagement will bolster the work force energy and will provide you with an unbeatable practice and one that people want to work for.

My closing statement, which I learned many years ago, is employees remain loyal when they are;

  • Mentored
  • Challenged
  • Promoted
  • Paid Well
  • Involved
  • Appreciated
  • Valued
  • On a mission
  • Empowered
  • Trusted

Combine all the above and you will have an epic work force and one to be reckoned with. A business is family, there for the great times but also there through the tough times!

I hope this blog will inspire many people to think about many aspects in which have been mentioned.

Lewis Greene