Anamika Singh

Director of Talent Management       

I have more than 23 years of diverse work experience, across multiple industries, throughout South Africa. I have worked as an independent Consultant for the Department of Home Affairs; a National Manager for Rail & Road Transportation within Spoornet (A division of Transnet); Fleet Management (Head of Marketing as a Fleet Manager and Client Liaison Officer) and within the Banking sector as a Regional Mobile Sales Manager; Portfolio Manager and Key Account Relationship Manager.

I have spent the last 4 years as a Talent Consultant / Recruitment Specialist within the Insurance industry, seeking active and passive candidates Regionally and Nationally for applicable roles.

With the constant flux of changes and extremities, of this year, it is good to know that I am instrumental in making an applicant’s dream come through with insightful, active head-hunting of individuals with specific qualifications OR introducing newcomers to the exciting, intriguing world of finance.

It is important to maintain the human element during my interaction with candidates. I believe that when candidates are made to feel at ease, albeit via a Teams video call or telephonic calls, that you then get a better-quality response and interaction. I absolutely enjoy conversations where I get to bring out an authentic person at a professional level because I believe that it is important in what is being said to a candidate but more than that, it is how it is communicated / said.

Working under pressure does indeed increase the adrenalin, and for me whilst it may appear that there are many tasks to complete, it is important to have a system that works best in that environment and is agile to accommodate changes at any given time.

I am proud to associate with a world class company. I believe that Talent Acquisition is the vital first step in the introductory phase of recruitment. It is very important to understand the needs of the company / client to apply it effectively when pursuing suitable candidates. It is intense and requires at times “out the box” thinking to find the right person. Relationship management is my key strength as this serves as the foundation for collaboration, and for continuity association to be maintained through a professional interaction that meets and exceeds the client’s expectations.

A service or product should always be a positive experience. A marketing strategy combined with an interactive client relationship & management yields an increase in market share & company gains

I am passionate regarding “service or product orientation & service or product excellence” as this should be a consequence of highly motivated people-oriented management & business strategy.

My less busy moments are spent on learning new things, made available through the Udemy portal, which I use to explore alternatives to working more efficiently, to understand the “Crypto world and Blockchain”, Social Media Marketing Mastery course.

My philosophy in life is to gain much experience and skill in this lifetime. It became my motto in life when my late father said to me “Learn what you can, take up every experience. The difference between wealth gained from life and material wealth, is that no one can take away what’s between your ears…”, hence my diverse career arenas.