Technical Pre-Sales Consultant - Salary £75k - £85k

Job Description

The role

As the Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, you will be a thought leader with a proven record of converting business challenges and requirements into solutions. These should effectively integrate and leverage best of breed applications, technologies, and infrastructure. You’ll work directly with new and existing customers, to create compelling platform migration, systems integration, and digital transformation solutions.

You’ll work with a diverse range of private and public sector customers, many of whom will be looking for solutions to help them migrate their critical business data and applications into our secure data centres or are exploring the benefit of moving existing legacy systems onto a hybrid-cloud platform. Your role will be to capture and understand each customer’s specific technical and business requirements and to work with subject matter experts within the business to deliver a set of options which offer the customer a secure and effective solution to their needs. In responding to our customers’ requirements, you’ll demonstrate an ability to define, develop and communicate solutions that are functional, resilient, and secure. You’ll show a clear appreciation for the customer’s need for these to be cost effective, for them to be deliverable, and for any associated risks to be clearly identified and communicated.

To be successful in this role, you’ll need to be a highly driven person who is motivated by the desire to make a positive impact in everything you do. You’ll need to be able to balance the demands of multiple workstreams, be confident working as a lone contributor and capable of leading and supporting the Technical Solutions team.

This role will encompass a range of technical and non-technical responsibilities. You’ll need to be able to manage your priorities to ensure you are able to devote sufficient time and effort to the customer facing and internal development aspects of this role.

What you’ll be doing:

  • You’ll lead the technology solution creation for RFI, RFP and bid responses - delivering creative, technically robust, and commercially compelling bid collateral.
  • You’ll host customer meetings to understand the customer’s requirements and to articulate the business impact associated with the technical solutions and delivery approaches that are best suited to each customer’s particular needs.
  • You’ll bring your knowledge of business models, service delivery methodologies, budgeting processes and risk management to the creation of a compelling solution and delivery strategy for our customers.
  • Working with SMEs within the business, you’ll have overall accountability for the architecture of all customer solutions, ensuring they are technically and commercially viable and fully satisfy each customer’s particular needs.
  • As the leader of the Technical Solutions team, you’ll review the designs and solutions created by your team and provide feedback to enhance knowledge sharing and overall quality. When creating and reviewing solutions, you’ll be particularly focused on improving cost, quality, speed of delivery, and security as well as their overall technical effectiveness in meeting the customer’s requirements.
  • You’ll attend conferences, deliver webinars and act as an ambassador and primary contact for the Technical Solutions Team - both inside and outside the business.
  • You’ll travel within the UK and Republic of Ireland visiting existing customers or prospective customers, to spend time understanding their challenges and developing potential solutions.

What you’ll need to do this well:

  • You’ll need to develop a deep knowledge of the groups product set and how they integrate to deliver maximum value to our customers.
  • An ability to work collaboratively with SMEs and product owners from across the business and develop positive relationships to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.
  • Have an up to date understanding of the services and technical capabilities of key Public Hyper-Scale cloud providers – particularly AWS and Azure.
  • Have experience in working with Application, Data and Infrastructure Architecture and Cloud (Public and Private).
  • Be fluent in information systems architecture and solution design practices, with an ability to communicate these to technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Have deep knowledge in at least one area of technical architecture (Application Development, Microsoft, Networks or OpenSource)
  • Understanding of Compliancy requirements CE+, PCI-DSS, ISO27001

Creating and Improving our Products and Services (Internal Development)


What you’ll be doing:

  • You’ll help to shape internal Product development roadmaps to ensure that our product and services portfolio continues to meet our customers’ evolving needs.
  • You’ll take a leading role in the development of the product and service collateral, delivery methodologies and other artefacts needed to effectively communicate, sell, and deliver these services to our customers.
  • You’ll take a leading role in the ongoing development and improvement of the tools and process we use to deliver our products and services to customers – with a strong focus on improving standardisation, reproducibility through the identification and imbedding of best practice into these tools and our internal business processes.

What you’ll need to do this well:

  • A proven track record of designing enterprise-wide IT roadmaps to accompany the solutions we deliver to clients. You should be able to look beyond the customer’s current needs to anticipate what might be required for them to achieve the most value from the and be able to explain how they can make further improvements over time, to realise this potential. 
  • Strong communication and persuasion skills, with the ability to inform key decisions at the C-Suite level and amongst other senior leaders and stakeholders
  • Experience in developing standardised service delivery methodologies, which identify and leverage best practice to create a consistent means of delivering high quality outcomes.
  • A passion for business strategy and business process, with an ability to think critically and constructively about existing processes, together with a with a strong drive to make things better.

Our clients purpose 

The group is a community of 130+ passionate people united by one overall mission... to make the world safer, one business at a time. We are the "one-stop shop" for all things cyber and are working to build a centre of excellence for our customers by building an amazing place to work, learn and develop for our people.

We work with a diverse range of clients, including large Governmental departments as well as other public sector organisations and businesses within the private sector. We're growing our business and our team through our continuous investment in developing technology and cyber capability; we aim to deliver innovation to our customers as fast as possible. Whether it's AI-driven ML-based threat intelligence or rapid start hybrid Cloud; our goal is to implement solutions that make us stand out in the market.