Matthew Inglis

Hospitality & Leisure Executive Search Director

In 2020 all industries had been affected by the recent pandemic in various ways across the globe and in 2021 we watch as businesses refine, rebuild and relaunch their products and services in what we now know as the new normal. Hospitality is one of those sectors, but was anyone prepared for the impact it would have on staffing and talent engagement?

The Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality have been quoted in saying ” The pandemic has led to a significant skilled workforce shortage in the Hospitality sector around the world. However, as we move through 2021-22 and vaccine rollouts gradually begin, the lifting of restrictions is slowly taking place around the world. So, the need to recruit is heightening, placing a greater spotlight on the availability of skilled workers.”

To support the demand for highly skilled industry professionals around the world IRC are delighted to announce the appointment of our newest Executive Search Director Matthew Inglis. Matthew has joined IRC to pioneer the launch of the Hospitality & Leisure sector.