Blog - October 2020

  • Know where you are going – create your career plan

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    Having goals, ambition and knowing what you want in life is critical for you to truly succeed in your chosen career. Without a clear direction it can be difficult to make good effective decisions, to maximise your potential or to achieve the things you hope for. A good idea is to consider where you are now, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there. Here are a few tips to help you… ...

  • Get your Recruitment partner right from the outset!

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    Why partnering with IRC, which is rated great , can really transform your business in 2019 by supplying you with the very best talent for your requirements. Why should you partner with IRC? Independent Resourcing Consultancy is a Financial Services recruitment specialist operating throughout the UK and overseas, locating the very best talent for client firms. We understand the regulated market ...

  • Did you know your CV has just five to seven seconds to make an impression?

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    Your CV, as you know, is a fundamental part of the hiring process. It can sometimes seem unfair when your years of hard work and experience have to be concisely crammed onto 1-2 sheets of A4. So, just how do you convey your experience, knowledge and personality quickly and effectively? As we’ve mentioned before in our previous blogs, here at IRC we’re all about people- experience and ...