Are you thinking of starting your own specialist recruitment firm? We are here to help

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IRC opened its doors to the world in September 2018. I wanted to create a home for like minded professionals who are entrepreneurs, I wanted to create a trusted brand across multiple sectors which today I can justifiably say I have succeeded in doing.

I have homed many entrepreneurs within the IRC framework who enjoy being part of dynamic business where ideas become reality. IRC is now 3 years into the journey and is going from strength to strength despite economic challenges which the entire world has suffered. 2020 was a year we decided to keep growing and keep moving forward where some firms came to a holt.

In 2019 we homed Jonathan Minns who was successfully working for himself and running CF30 Consulting however Jon understood the vision but more importantly wanted to become part of a team again. Jon has now been with IRC for a year and a half and has since grown his own team and taken an office in Wilmslow. All this has been possible with working hard and delivering exceptional talent to his existing client base.

Midway through 2019 I welcomed Graham Hughes into the business, a long-standing friend who has a brilliant can-do attitude and this helped him learn the process of becoming a brilliant search consultant which sees Graham work with clients throughout the UK on a retained basis.

I also welcomed Andy Daly who is an experienced seasoned professional. Andy works exceptionally with leading talent to market, so his relationship-building skills are second to none. Andy had a vision from day one and he is executing this with hard work.

Looking to start your own firm?

I believe we have a great structure to support experienced and nonexperience search consultants to develop a business by working with the IRC team, we can support with many operating costs from day one, we have developed a turnkey business where you can start immediately.

‘Lewis Greene’ Managing Director

If you have 3 CV’s on your desk in front of you, you have your very own recruitment business, it is how you develop the relationships which determines your success, having a great attitude is key.

For more information, please get in touch and learn how IRC can support.



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