“I'm not even thinking about moving jobs or hiring.” 4 reasons why you should get to know an industry-specific "recruiter."

Posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 by Lewis Greene, written by Graham Hughes1 comment

Deeper industry knowledge

Perhaps one of the most important things an industry-specific or niche recruiter can offer is a wealth of industry knowledge and often industry experience. If they have had a career in your industry, they can have a much better understanding of your challenges and triumphs.

When a recruiter makes his or her living exclusively catering to one industry it is essential that they know that sector inside out. This includes staying up to date on industry news and trends and having strong ties to key industry professionals, and in addition, they also talk the same language.

For companies, they tend to know a thing or two about successful onboarding, training and development and candidate retention.

They will have a strong industry connected network

Because a niche represents just a small sliver of all of the job market, they tend to be more relationship and network focussed. They will have strong and loyal relationships with professionals associated with your industry, including product and service providers, journalists, business leaders and industry associated forums.

It is safe to say that it’s not always what you know, but whom you know. Niche recruiters benefit hugely from having strong trusted relationships with a variety of company clients and candidates. Niche recruiters will often have access to industry-specific support services that have been used very successfully by other clients or candidates.

They will often share useful information, guidance and advice, for free, whether you decide to work with them or not.

The best opportunities are not always advertised

We have heard of the term the hidden job market, well according to an article in The Guardian, 60% of job vacancies are unadvertised. An industry-specific recruiter will often have access to opportunities that are not on the open market. A good industry recruiter will be speaking to company clients and candidates before they are looking to either recruit or look for a new opportunity.

You may at some point decide to look for a new opportunity or expand your team

If or should I say when you do, wouldn’t it be good to have someone in your network that you know well, they know you, and you have already built a mutually beneficial relationship with them?

Why not give yourself an unfair advantage and get to know an industry-specific recruiter?

by Graham Hughes

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1 comment on "“I'm not even thinking about moving jobs or hiring.” 4 reasons why you should get to know an industry-specific "recruiter.""

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